Sunday, July 11, 2010

White Supremacy Does Not Allow Knowledge of Self For Non-Whites

American History is White Supremacist History!
What the White Supremacists are attempting to do to non-white people in the dis-education system is exactly what they have done to us since they have been in the Americas: ERASE OUR KNOWLEDGE and LOVE OF SELF! This was done to Africans, American Natives, the Mestizo people of Latin America through religion (Catholicism) and to the First Nations people in Canada. Education is one of the nine areas of people activity that racism(white supremacy) operates in. White Supremacists want our non-white children to have slave-owning rapists and occultists like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as heroes, instead of their own ancestors.  This ensures black/ brown inferiority and the maintenance and expansion of White Supremacy. I challenge every non-white person to ensure that your children are NOT indoctrinated in racism (\White supremacy) and Black/brown inferiority. If you have to have independent classes in your home, community, churches or the park to educate your offspring, DO IT!  We MUST stop allowing our ENEMY to "educate" or brainwash our children.  The teaching of American history that the White Supremacists approve of is the teaching of
White Supremacy!


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  1. Notice that when the man on the school board says that the classes are against capitalism & Western culture.. he is making the statement that they are against racism (white supremacy) both Capitalism & Western Culture are built on white supremacy.


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