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The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: Volume 2

I am super excited! After more than a week of checking the mailbox, my shipment finally arrived.  I tuned in eagerly two Sabbaths ago to watch Minister Louis Farrakhan's live web-cast titled, "Who Are The True Children of Israel?"  I will blog about the contents of his speech at another time, but the most awesome announcement was made during his message......


Wow! Wow! Wow! My neighbor from Chicago introduced me to the first volume. He had the hard copy and let me borrow it. I tucked it in my purse and took it with me when I went out to dinner. I was sitting at the table of the restaurant with a spoon in one hand, mechanically shoving chili in my mouth, and The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, volume 1 in the other.

That is by far, one of my favorite books on our Hebrew history. The irony is, we are Hebrews and the book chronicles our history with those who have usurped our identity,  perverted much of our culture, and on top of it all, enslaved us and made merchandise of our ancestors.  The relationship of host and parasite continues to this day and that is exactly what is laid out as a foundation in volume two of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, published by the Nation of Islam-read the review here.   I assumed after reading volume one, that volume two would be a continuation on the detailed chronicles of so called Jewish (Edomite and Khazar) involvement in and domination of the trans-Atlantic slave trade of African Hebrews.

I was astonished to learn that the exploitative relationship goes evenfurther. Due to time constraints, I have not had an opportunity to sit down and read TSRBBJ volume 2 in full, but from flipping through it and scanning a few pages, I must say that the staff at the research department of the Nation of Islam have outdone themselves with this one.  The book is 453 pages of detailed history of the Jewish exploitation of Hebrews in America from the "Civil" war and reconstruction era.

After the end of legal slavery, the Black -Jewish relationship continued without change.
  The So called Jews maintained their interest in the labor of the Black Hebrew man and woman, without a trace of moral concern or repentance over their extensive participation in the most brutal, savage and barbaric, exploitative slave system ever devised on the planet. The Jew also enjoyed the benefits of and participated in the system of Racism (White Supremacy). There are copious quotes from Jewish historians and authors in the book that attest to this. They were never oppressed or suffering in America under racism as they would like Black Hebrew people to believe.  They supported our exploitation, oppression and were greatly opposed to our rights and human treatment. Even the founder of Reform Judaism, rabbi Isaac M. Wise was a white supremacists, vehemently hateful of our people. Rabbi Wise viewed Blacks not as victims of an unjust international flesh trade, but as subhumans "representing all that is debased and inferior in the hopeless barbarity and heathenism of six thousand years."  Imagine that, a Gentile Pharisee calling true Israel "heathen and barbaric." He did not come from a kingdom with a dynasty of ruler spanning over 1,000 years, but we did- those of us who are descendants of the Hebrews who founded Kingdoms in west Africa, whose kings were called Ghanas.  Wise argued for the maintenance of Black African slavery, reasoning that "The Negro was never free; and his bondage in Africa was simply duplicated in a milder form when he was imported here."  He also detested the abolitionists who he saw as the major threat to Jewish existence in the mid-nineteenth century America.
                                                                                           Joel Springarn 
(Jewish president of NAACP, govt. spy against Blacks)

From the American Labor Movement, to the founding of apparently "Black" organizations such as the NAACP ( founded by Jewish religious & banking elites), to the Urban League, the sharecropping system,  Jew owned department stores, Initiation and support of the Ku Klux Klan and other White Supremacist organizations, the so-called Jew in America moved into the 20th century, playing their part in the subjugation and oppression of Hebrews in the United States and abroad. There are at least four pages of detailed charts with the lists of Jews in the Cotton Business.  These were the people who were enriching themselves on the cotton our ancestors were forced to pick by the White Supremacist governments of America and  Europe for their profit and empowerment. Tidbit - The SAME "Jewish" Lehman brothers (Henry, Emanuel, and Mayer) of last year's economic collapse, began in the late 1800s as slavers of Hebrew people.

If you value thorough research as I do, you will really benefit from purchasing this book.  For those of you who have not read The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, volume one, I cannot recommend it enough! Purchase it.  If you cannot afford to purchase it, you can download the e-book here.  I still advocate buying the hard copy as you can read it wherever you are, share it with others and use it as a physical study tool and mark it up however you like. Plus, historic work of  this magnitude should be supported!

I also purchased the book, Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising By American Jews, and the DVD of the 2009 Savior's Day Speech.  I actually watched it online the first time I saw it and was not able to find the website it was on again
( It was probably removed under pressure from the ADL).

Jews Selling Blacks is a 143 page book of actual slave sale ads, published by so called Jewish slavers and slave catchers in various newspapers of the day. These books are absolutely essential for every Hebrew descendant of the slaves and anyone who values truth over deception.

My People, My Passion, My Purpose.


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