Saturday, July 24, 2010

Racist White Supremacist Jew "Chaim" Calls The First Lady an "Ape"

True to form, the typical White Supremacist small hat reveals his bitter hatred for Michelle Obama.. simply for being a black female. It was difficult for me to listen to this effusive heap of Khazar feces spewing from this hideous creatures facial orifice.... but it DID NOT SURPRISE ME!

It is impossible to be surprised by a so-called, "Jewish" Gentile's hurling derogatory insults about Attorney and now First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama after reading about the history of Jewish oppression and terrorism of black people (Hebrews) around the world. Fortunately, Jewish historians have documented the history of the Jewish Gentile's participation in and maintenance of Racism (White Supremacy.) According to their own writings (before the "eternal victims" propaganda began), Jews in America prospered from the enslavement and exploitation of African people on the continent and throughout the diaspora.

The hideous pustule affiliates himself with a Jewish White Supremacist website,, which is described as, " organization of right wing Jews and righteous gentiles (see the Noachide Laws to understand what a "righteous Gentile" is) who follow the teachings of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. Thus we are opposed to Israel surrendering land for “peace.” We are also opposed to Islamic terrorism, which we believe is an integral part of Islam"

This hideous turd has several more videos on YouTube that violate it's Hate Speech policy. Take some time to flag them down. I can't believe that some of this trash has been allowed to stay on YouTube for so long.. well, actually I can... YouTube is owned by Google and Google is owned by two Khazars(one from Russia) both devout followers of Talmudic Judaism.

The hideous critter from the Caucus Mountains of Khazaria speaks on Black history month:

More on the Noachide Laws which will ensure the death of non-Jews, especially Christians (The Talmud defines them as "Idolaters."

Part Two:


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