Friday, August 27, 2010

Teen Girls Steal Money From Girl Scouts & Feel Nothing!

The only thing they feel bad about is getting caught - Who is raising these she-wolves?!!

Contrary to the propaganda that markets "black" people and other non-White people as the biggest thieves, both history and the FBI Crime Report make it clear that deception is being used when "black" people are marketed as thieves who endanger everything that you have.

FBI Crime Report 2007
Arrests by
 Crime:               White     Black      American
Indian or
  Asian or
Robbery              40,573    54,774       602         635

Burglary            156,442    68,052      2,191       1,661

Larceny-theft     610,607   261,730    11,885     9,993

Motor               55,229       31,765     31,765     808
vehicle theft

Stolen property; 57,870       32,570      735        762
buying, receiving,

Embezzlement   10,813         5,818       95          228

Fraud               127,377       54,575    1,369     1,125
The 2008 report is available here.
As one comedian warned, "If white people will steal a whole continent from the Indians ( Native Americans)- what makes you think they won't steal your wallet?"

I believe this "black" female comedian went on to "marry" a white woman in an anti-sexual relationship and to adopt two white children.....with 500,000 "black" children in the foster care system needing homes and adoption. (Sigh).

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