Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Israelites Went Into Africa

Shabbat Shalom to all of you who keep Shabbat!

I realized that despite the African-Israelite references in the banner for this blog, I had not posted very much information pertaining to our Israelite heritage, other than providing links to some other sites.

I do not find Jews and Israelites or the ancient Hebrew people to be the same people. I realize that some of the so-called stars of David and information regarding the so-called Jews and Judaism/Talmudism and referencing myself as a Hebrew/African/Israelite may be confusing to some people.

I am a female descended from black people who were brought on slave ships from the Western parts of Africa by both Jews and/or  Christians who would also be known as white people or Europeans.  My ancestors who were brought from the western parts of Africa came from lands in west Africa, that contained large concentrations of Hebrew/Israelite people who had migrated into that part of Africa throughout the centuries before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.   The video series posted here will give you more information on how the Israelites came to the western region of Africa. Enjoy!

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