Monday, August 9, 2010

Black Women- White Men: The Elimination of the Negro

As many of you may have noticed, there is an increasing amount of propaganda being aimed at Black women, steering them toward sexual relationships with white males, otherwise known as "Interracial" relationships.
It has reached large enough proportions to make me think that it is a Cointel Pro project with the aim of finalizing the genocide of Black people in the United States of America as well as across the globe. Currently there are a disturbing number of movies, television shows, commercials, dating websites,e-books, blogs and books ( including interracial erotica and pornography)  being produced and pushed online.
In a move of deception, many Black faces are being recruited to promote the genocide of Black people and the brain-trashing of Black females through expanding the system of White Supremacy through these tragic

While the popular propaganda of "One Tribe, One People..let's catch AMNESIA and forget about all that evil ( that hasn't ceased yet)" is being pushed in asinine fantasy pushing Pepsi commercials by and other confused non-white people, a war against non-white people and Black people most specifically has been underway for the last one hundred years. Because many of us are confused about the global system of Racism ( White Supremacy) and how it functions, and are conditioned to be serious about not being serious, we have very little understanding of the methods of warfare that the White Supremacists use against us.
Ebony Magazine Article on "how far" the "Black" family has evolved
This is the "Evolution" of the "Black Family" as they present it. Black female, White Male, Mulatto child

They allow us to shop in their stores and give all of our hard earned money to their corporations while neglecting to build our own and we think that they (White people) just love us so. They continue to produce violent, racist, degrading pornography that animalizes Black people and we do mental gymnastics to remain in denial about our relationship. We tip toe around the issue of Racism (White Supremacy) and try to forget it exists by not discussing it and looking for acceptance and approval from those who benefit from the system of Racism. We try to hook up with them to gather the crumbs of  White Supremacy's benefits to Whites, though they benefit from maintaining  the same system that oppresses us.  We have rationalized that since the legislation banning miscegenation was passed, the "Good White people" aren't racist anymore and love us..

Grace Jones, Mulatto son, son's White female partner & child.
We rationalize that the same type of sexual relationships that ran rampant throughout colonial America and produced a mulatto population, but still did not purge this continent nor the world of the festering cancer of racism ( White Supremacy) will somehow wipe it out now, despite its six hundred year track record of FAILURE.  We ignore history and forget that the White Supremacists are STRATEGISTS.. they plan and play to win.. and it seems we plan to be conquered and eliminated and continue to serve the purposes of White Supremacy.. at the cost of our existence.

What the White Supremacists start - they finish.  There is a stated goal for promoting "interracial" relationships and or sex between Black females and White males. This goal was clearly stated in a New York Times article in 1910.

One Hundred Years Later, Whites are still pushing for the elimination of the "Negro" through "interracial" sex.

Keep this in mind the next time you watch another CNN, ABC, or other White/Jew run network that promotes the "eternally single, successful" Black female, "expanding her options" and getting a "White Boy."

Langhorn Folan is promoting the Elimination of the "Negro" in print and television. The White supremacists at CNN -and their hirelings( Soledad O'Brien: Mulatto w/ White Husband) will continue giving her a platform to promote the ELIMINATION of BLACK PEOPLE and the maintenance and expansion of the system of White Supremacy. Don't let the supposed "Black" faces fool you.



  1. Dope article, very, very informative. I would go as far to say that ANY interracial relationship will produce an efficient and conducive effect for the agenda of white supremacy. The most detrimental affect is white and black interracial, but I find that black and non black interracial relationships produce a similar outcome (i.e. Tiger Woods). The outcome being that the mulatto child or mixed race child now has duel allegiances (Black and Non Black Latino/Hispanic or Black and Asian or Black and Non Black of any race). Remember the ultimate target in the system of white supremacy is aimed at the black family or black people. So when the black man and woman are separated by interracial relationships of any type (non black racial type), it produces an effective effect for the system of white supremacy by causing confusion and reluctance of black males and black females to come together to solve problems and produce unmixed black offspring to fight in the interest of black people with no allegiances to any other racial group.

    I also find it convenient for black males and females to ease some of their self hate guilt by producing mixed offspring with non white non black persons because they can say “Well at least I didn’t marry or sleep with no white person”, but all the while consciously desiring to produce mixed offspring so that they will have wavy “GOOD” hair and “LIGHT” skin. I believe interracial sex with non white people who are non black provides an escape hatches for black men and women to express their covert self hate for their black genealogy and physical features to produce offspring that resemble more acceptable and perceived standards beauty, while ostensibly not appearing to be selling out to the white man. After all they took an active effort into not choosing a BLACK male or female) partner.

    Just some food for thought! Enjoy and Thanks for all your effort.

  2. When will the bed wenching end? Ugh the madness...

  3. Yes indeed I think Cointelpro is behind this. Why would there be a zillion vids on youtube about wm/bw? A new one or two is made every week or two and what are they doing but repeating the same ole propaganda that has been said over and over. It goes something like this, "girl you need a man on your "level", black men are broke, living with their mamas, on the down low, will leave you with a child, you know the rest. And this is repeated again and again. There are also operatives who I think are payed to stoke "gender wars". Many of these operatives are black men who make propaganda videos of bm with ww so as to inflame bw. Sadly it seems to be working as black people are clueless as to how to interpret the workings of whites. They also hate any notion of black pride or afrocentricism which will get an eye roll from many black natural women on youtube. Many bw are also of the belief that white males love their natural hair and dark skin more than black men who make them feel "ugly". It is truly sad to see the levels of brainwashing going on.

  4. I understand about marrying a white person, but I have to say that I would marry someone one from another so called race. There are people across the world who are as black as me but may consider themselves as hispanic or something else. I am not pure African and I am sure my husband will not be either. So if a Dominican man who considers himself hispanic wants to marry me, I just might because he probably is just as much African as I am. As far as the white thing, I don't see how people are comfortable being in that union. I personally don't think white people can relate to me or understand where I come from.


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