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2010 Black Male Lynched in Mississippi

Frederick Jermaine Carter found hanging from an Oak tree on December 03,2010
I was listening to a local independent radio station last Sabbath and heard the horrific news that a black male had been found (lynched) hanging from a tree in an predominately White North Greenwood area of Leflore County, Mississippi on December 03,2010.  Bro. Jesse Muhhamad staff writer for Final Call newspaper, who called into the show was attending the funeral.

Read the rest of the story here.

Confederate Monument, Greenwood, MS

Listen to his interview here.

Despite many false claims of this or any other place being a "post-racial" society, this tragedy only serves as evidence that "America" as they call it, is the same filthy cesspool of Racism ( White Supremacy) that it has been since the first Racists ( White Supremacists) set their foot on the land of the Indigenous people and began their rampage of savagery, genocide and brutal violence.

The Victim of Racism

“He was a loving and compassionate person who always thought about other people. My son was about the children,” said Mrs. Carter-Evans.

The victim was 26-year old Frederick Jermaine Carter. Mr. Carter had studied to be a computer technician before moving from Massachusetts to be with his mother and sister in Sunflower, Mississippi. He was a multi-talented member of his community who  seems to have been loved by many people.

Crime Scene
Now, despite Mississippi having a well known history of Racism ( White Supremacy) and being legendary as a home of the Ku Klux Klan and lynchings, burnings and terrorism toward black people, the enforcement officials have not treated this as a crime, but ruled that it was a suicide.  Though there was no tool found in the vicinity that Mr. Carter could have used to cut the rope that it is claimed he hung himself with,  County Sheriff Ricky Banksreportedly told media that evidence shows that Mr. Carter tied himself to the limb of the tree after leaning the old frame of a table against the tree trunk.  The scene of the crime was not taped off and treated like a crime scene either.  A black male is found hanging from an Oak Tree in a predominately white area of notoriously Racist ( White Supremacist) Mississippi and it is not treated like a crime scene?  Are the so-called authorities Possibly covering up for someone?

“The truth will come out. I can't see him hanginghimself. You can get by the judgment of man butyou can't get away from the judgment of God. Right now we don't know what happened but God   knows and nobody gets away,” said Pastor Fred Griggs.

“This is 2010 and we still have Black people hanging from trees? They're saying he hung himself but I have doubt in my mind that he actually did that. That wasn't his character. This wasn't a suicide, this was a homicide,” said Sunflower, Miss., Mayor Michael Pembleton, Jr. to The Final Call.
Sheriff Ricky Banks
The sheriff, Ricky Banks has made quite a  few comments in news articles and interviews, claiming that the victim was "mentally ill" and also claimed that the victim's stepfather said he was "known to wander off" and apparently had wandered as far away as OTHER STATES like Florida and Arkansas.  That sounds a bit ridiculous to me, but that is what Sheriff Ricky Banks claims. I have yet to read any direct comments from the family where they collaborate with the sheriff's claims.

The family in tears of grief
I wonder if this investigation and the scene of this young black male's death would have been handled differently had he been a young white man? Would they have taken the time to rope it off and treat it like a crime scene? Would the sheriff be blathering on about the victim being "mentally ill" and wandering off to other states? By the way, how do you "wander" off to another state? I haven't even wandered into another county when I was lost.

There are some EXCELLENT and informative interviews with The Honorable Willie James Perkins, Sr.of the Mississippi House of Representatives,  and Mississippi State Senator David Lee Jordan on The C.O.W.S. show. I suggest that you listen to them for more information. Please forward this story - share it with your friends, family and even your enemies.  The mainstream press is not giving this the coverage that one would think it would merit.

* Greenwood, Misssissippi in Leflore County is named after Choctaw leader Greenwood Leflore.  White people have a habit of naming cities after those non-white people whom they have conquered, oppressed and eliminated through genocide. Read more on the "half-breed" Leflore (French-White father) and his duplicitous treachery toward the Choctaw people and their expulsion from their homeland in Mississippi here.

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