Saturday, October 9, 2010

When Racists (White Supremacist) Fight Each Other

When Racists (White Supremacist) Fight Each Other

The following video is an excellent example of what Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. speaks about in the Code:
Battles between different factions of Suspected Racists (White Supremacists) for who will have the most control in the global system of Racism (White Supremacy.)

During the last one hundred years, Jewish white people have gained an extraordinarily large amount of control.  You can go to any White nationalist website or channel and hear them complaining about it and making plans and actions as to what needs to be done to eliminate the problem of "Jewish Supremacy."  There are some who do not want to discuss the matter of Jews in particular in looking at the system of Racism (White Supremacy) but if it is White people who classify themselves as or are classified as Jews, who have gained the most control in this system, it is extraordinarily simple minded not to discuss and analyze this factor in the system of Racism ( White Supremacy.)

While, I would have to say that I suspect every single person mentioned in this video to be a Racist (White Supremacist) it is an excellent source to study the in-fighting and fight for control of the system between the non-Jewish White Supremacists ( Racists) and the Jewish Racists ( White Supremacists) who see themselves as superior to the rest of the White people, as well as all people on the planet.  I am well aware that many of the non-Jewish (read Gentile) White people hop on any discussion of Jews and the power they have obtained as a cry for other non-white people ( "black" people in particular) to join forces with them against the Jews.

is a precedent of  ALL White Supremacists ( including the Jewish ones)  people working together for the domination and subjugation of ALL non-White people under the system of Racism ( White Supremacy) so with that precedent, I recognize that they are ALL enemies to non-white people in this battle to maintain power or wrestle it from one White hand into another. Do not be fooled- "black" people do not have any friends in the system. Recognizing the game begins with studying the players.  Much of the information in the video I can agree with, however, I cannot agree with the character assessment of ANY of the White men mentioned in the video.
White Supremacy ( Racism) is practiced through DECEPTION.. and excellent work with the video software! LOL!
( It is time for non-White people to begin creating Counter propaganda!) 
Get to it!
Another commercial for the continuation of Racism ( White Supremacy)
You should watch this black people, they have a plan to eliminate you too!

If you need some resources for creating videos send me a message! I am willing to assist you in your efforts as I have the time. Creating a blog is free. YouTube accounts- FREE! Your computer should also come with FREE video making software. I can share instrumental music files with you as well.
Do something!

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