Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Call to Action: WhiteWatch Blog Suspended

Restore the WhiteWatch Blog Now!
I was just made aware that the very informative and constructive blog, WHITEWATCH has  been suspended, yet again. WhiteWatch is heavily linked on the EbonyNewsChannel blog, as the admins at the site update it with very informative news about the actions of Racist man/Racist Woman.  I would say that these types of attacks are to be expected when one is countering the system of Racism (White Supremacy).
I wonder if it was the Racists or VOS that protested the site?

Take action and contact Wordpress, letting them know that the site is valuable to you and constructive and ask them to restore the site once again.
Until then, you can visit their archived back-up site. The stories are not as current as those at WhiteWatch, but you can still find plenty of information at (WhiteWatchers)

This has happened before!

Main WhiteWatch site down again

Looks like the Nazis are up to their usual tactics again. This site will be used until the main site till we get this sorted out.

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Also please contact wordpress at support@wordpress.com requesting that they restore the original site( www.whitewatch.wordpress.com). Flood them with emails every day until they do so. Please be concise and  polite explaining that WhiteWatch is an anti-racist initiative, which is against violence and any discrimination.

(Update: The White Watch blog has moved to its own domain at WhiteWatch.info)

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